Wanted: Foster Parents

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Foster Parent Classes Now Available ONLINE!


We now have One day training for Foster/Adoption/Kinship Caregivers.

You will watch 10 Educational/Instructional videos on Foster Care covering the following subjects:


  • Child Welfare team
  • Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Parent-Child Attachment
  • Understanding Behavior in Foster Children
  • Child Development
  • Cultural Issues in Parenting
  • Working together with Primary Families
  • Caring for Children who have been sexually abused
  • Reducing Family Stress
  • Foster Care to Adoption

We will then meet for a one-day training session covering all these topics plus other learning opportunities.

Location : Lyon County Courthouse

When :  Satuday, October 24, 2020 Registration Form

Please check out the Registration form for further details.
Contact Karyn Groenewold either by phone or email for further details:



You don’t have to be perfect to be a foster parent!

      • At Southwest Health & Human Services, we need foster parents of all ethnic backgrounds to open their hearts and homes to children with difficulties within their families. This includes children of all ages, but particularly older children and sibling groups. Foster families who reflect the diversity of our children in foster care are needed.

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We’re looking for foster parents who can:

                • Take time to listen and talk with children as they work through problems
                • Offer patience and understanding without judging children or their families
                • Recognize that everyone comes from different backgrounds and different value systems
                • Offer safety, security, and guidelines and provide a family and home environment to children in crisis.


Foster families provide the love, nurturing, structure, and guidance that make a profound difference in the lives of children. They commit to children and their families to create lifelong relationships.

                • Foster parents nurture and care for children. Due to circumstances within their families of origin, some children may have special needs, such as emotional, psychological, physical difficulties, Capture fostering for youor developmental delays.
                • Foster parents support reunification efforts and help develop a positive relationship between birth parents and their children.
                • Foster parents may be asked to care for children for short periods of time to provide a respite to the child’s parents. Sometimes a long-term placement is needed. Occasionally children cannot be reunited with their families and may be available for adoption.
                • Foster parents may consider adopting children who cannot safely return to their parents.

On a daily basis, foster parents support foster children by:

                • Preparing family meals, helping with homework, tucking children in at bedtime, and comforting and Capture foster #1listening to youth
                • Guiding children who have often been traumatized
                • Helping children by accepting the child’s experience in their birth families and helping them work through issues they may have with their parents and siblings.
                • Understanding that the goal for most children is to return to their birth parents.


Foster parents must be 21 years or older. They may be married, single, renters or homeowners. Background checks will be conducted on serious applicants and household members prior to licensing in order to assure the safety of the children.

If you’d like more information, contact Karyn at 507-532-1217 or Karyn.Groenewold@swmhhs.com.