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Anyone may request and receive a Chemical Health Assessment.  To receive funding from the Behavioral Health Fund (BHF), you must have a comprehensive assessment or Rule 25 assessment to access services and possible funding. You have a right to a second assessment if you disagree with the assessment or choice of treatment services.

  • AA/NA Meeting
  • Chemical Health Assessment
  • Assistance finding a provider of services including
    • Out patient treatment
    • Extended in patient treatment
    • Halfway house
  • Determine eligibility for BHF
  • Treatment coordination
  • Detoxification services
  • Withdrawal management 
  • Peer Recovery Specialist 
  • Persons who live in Lincoln, Lyon, Murray, Pipestone, Redwood, or Rock County
  • Persons who do not have private medical insurance
  • Private medical insurance does not cover chemical health services
  • Persons who meet the eligibility requirements for BHF
  • Persons who do not have MA, or other prepaid health plans

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