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Social Services

Social Services provides services that include special needs adoption, adult and children's mental health, adult and child protection, chemical health, intellectual disabilities, foster care, child care assistance, individuals with disabilities/chronic illness, licensing of foster and child care providers, family services, and senior services.

Children’s and Family Services

Disability Services

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Protective Services & Intake

Senior Services

Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) Report

To fulfill public input requirements, the Minnesota Department Of Human Services publishes this annual report. County agency staff must review and make available to the public the contents of this report and solicit public comments on the use of SSBG funds. County agencies are encouraged to integrate public input in its ongoing quality assurance processes.

Bulletin 21-69-01 2020 Social Services Block Grant Annual Report

Provide guidance to county agencies and to invite public input on use of SSBG funds.

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