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Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding provides that perfect nutrition for infants and has documented benefits for both mom and baby. Breastmilk has over 200 nutrients in the perfect combination of fats, sugar, and protein to help babies grow healthy and strong. Breast milk also provides an individually based protection for babies from illness and infection.

Mothers are benefited by helping with weight loss after birth and decreases risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancer. Mothers can also experience an increased calmness, self-esteem and confidence. SWHHS can help support you in your breastfeeding journey to reach your breastfeeding goals.

SWHHS offers support to breastfeeding mothers in a number of avenues. We have on staff certified breastfeeding professionals.  They are available by phone or in person to help with breastfeeding questions or concerns.

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We are available to provide you with guidance and support.

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