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Successful Transition to Adulthood for Youth

The Support for Emancipation and Living Functionally (SELF) a program makes Federal Title IV-E-IL funds available to counties and non-profit agencies.  The funds are used for the development, implementation, and continuation of services designed to help older adolescents in substitute care prepare for the transition to independent living.  Creative use of funds is encouraged, guided by the individual needs of each youth.  Funds may be used to cover room and board, damage and utility deposits, or rent on apartments or dormitory rooms, but only for youth who “age out” of placement at age 18 or older.

SWHHS’ SELF group meets twice a month during the school year and weekly in the summer.  We provide activities such as:

  • Group and individual life skills training
  • Retreats and wilderness trips
  • Driver’s training
  • Household supplies for a first apartment
  • Career exploration and vocational assessment
  • College application fees
  • Budgeting assistance and education
  • Employment skills training.
teenager learning adult skills

Our program utilizes the Casey Life Skills Assessment as a means to track youth development through adolescence and incorporates needed skills into their Independent Living Skills Plan.

Transitional Services

A program that serves ages 14-21 and focuses on living and life skills by preparing young people for successful transitions to adulthood (includes Support for Emancipation and Living Functionally – SELF).

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