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Olmstead Plan

To make the promise of Olmstead a reality in Minnesota, the subcabinet adopted a vision statement to guide the implementation of the Plan:

People with disabilities are living, learning, working, and enjoying life in the most integrated setting.

The Olmstead Subcabinet embraces the Olmstead decision as a key component of achieving a Better Minnesota for all Minnesotans, and strives to ensure that Minnesotans with disabilities will have the opportunity, both now and in the future, to live close to their families and friends, to live more independently, to engage in productive employment and to participate in community life. This includes:

  • The opportunity and freedom for meaningful choice, self-determination, and increased quality of life, through: opportunities for economic self-sufficiency and employment options; choices of living location and situation, and having supports needed to allow for these choices;
  • Systemic change supports self-determination, through revised policies and practices across state government and the ongoing identification and development of opportunities beyond the choices available today; and
  • Readily available information about rights, options, and risks and benefits of these options, and the ability to revisit choices over time.
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