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Child and Teen Checkups

Child and Teen Checkups are regular screenings and physical examination of your child to help keep your child healthy. Children and teenagers from birth through 20 years of age who are receiving Medical Assistance are enrolled in this program.  If any health problems are found, they can be treated early. Children can be tested for exposure to lead or Tuberculosis and other diseases during their checkup. Parents and children receive information about healthy lifestyles during their visit. Dental checkups can be performed at the dentist.

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Included in the checkup are: monitoring of height and weight, hearing and vision, development, diet, dental health, physical exams, immunization, other health information and lab test results. The health checkup may be used for Head Start, WIC, sports physical, school, or day-care programs.

Child and Teen Checkups occur at:

  • 0-1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24  and 30 months

  • Annually starting at age 3 through age 20

  • Dental checkups start at the first tooth eruption or by age 1.

    After the first dental checkup, a visit to the dentist should occur every 6 months or earlier if problems are noted.

You may receive your checkups from your doctor or at a clinic. Children enrolled in a health plan must receive their Child and Teen Checkups from providers in their health plan. Child and Teen Checkups are at no cost to you. Checkups are a covered service by Medical Assistance.

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Need Help?

The Child and Teen Checkup Coordinator can help you find a clinic, schedule regular checkups, find a dentist, get an interpreter and set up transportation. Call 1-888-837-6713 for more information about the Child and Teen Checkups program.

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