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Family Support Grant

The Family Support Grant (FSG) is an effective resource for children with disabilities who live or will live in their family home.  Many families with children with disabilities living at home incur higher than average expenses that are directly related to the child’s disability.

The Family Support Grant provides cash grants to families to offset some of these expenses and gives the families the flexibility to purchase an array of supports and services to meet the child’s needs.  The amount of and number of grants varies by county.  Families wishing to access the program need to complete an application form and provide information to certify the child has been certified disabled, a description of the family’s needs, and other information as needed to determine grant eligibility.


  • Under 25 years of age; AND

  • Certified disabled;

  • Living in their biological or adoptive family home; OR

  • An individual residing in a licensed residential facility who would return to their family home if a grant were awarded.

  • People who are receiving services through a Home and Community Based Waiver including the Brain Injury, Community Alternative Care, Community Access for Disability Inclusion or Developmental Disabilities waivers are NOT eligible to receive FSG at the same time.

  • Individuals who receive a Consumer Support Grant or Personal Care Assistance services are also ineligible to receive FSG funds.

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Income Critera

As of Jan. 1, 2019, families with an annual adjusted gross income of $105,230 or less are eligible for the FSG, except in cases where extreme hardship is demonstrated. Considerations may include size of the family, presence of a disability in other family members and substantial debt due to the child's disability.

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