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It All Starts With a Healthier You!

At SWHHS, well-being is not limited to physical health and wellness. It’s a balance of five essential well-being elements in your life; Career, Social, Financial, Physical, and Community. We help colleagues find a healthier balance by supporting each of these five areas. Below is a list of opportunities and benefits for you to find a Healthier You.

A Healthier You

Career Wellbeing

Career wellbeing focused on how you occupy your time or what you like to do every day. We will work with you to find your niche or talent so you can thrive and feel good about working in our passionate environment.

  • Support for Professional Development – Organizational support for job-critical and position-required trainings as well as support for continuing education and development through flexible work arrangements and encouragement.
  • Board Briefings with Staff – Employees are given information after each monthly board meeting to keep them updated and informed of decisions and address questions and concerns.

Social Wellbeing

Social wellbeing is about having strong relationships in your life. We work to help you find balance between your personal and professional lives.

  • Medical Leave and Vacation Time (See Policy #3) Comprehensive medical and vacation leave package.
  • Flexible Schedules (See Policy #2) and Telecommuting Options (See Policy #4) - Ability to request flexible schedules and telecommuting options to support your work/life integration and increase productivity.
  • Agency Support for Employee Recognition (See Policy #16)- Employees are formally recognized for their Years of Service and retirement from the agency. The “You Rock” program has been created for peer-to-peer recognition.
  • Welcome New Employees – Acknowledge new employees in agency newsletter and within first 60 – 90 days conduct comprehensive new worker orientation to become knowledgeable and comfortable within the organization.
  • Sandcreek Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – A confidential third-party-administered employee assistance program through Sandcreek. Professionals help with life’s most difficult problems, from counseling referrals to finding day care. Support is available 24/7.

Physical Wellbeing

Physical and Emotional wellbeing are about having enough energy to feel your best on a daily basis. When you feel healthy, you can do the things you feel are most meaningful in your life.

  • Employee Newsletter – Connect 6 is issued monthly and features health and well-being news and tips.
  • Wellness Blog – Focuses specifically on educating and sharing information around health and wellness practices.
  • Fitness Discount – PreferredOne members who exercise in a participating fitness center 12 times or more per month may qualify for up to $20 per month reduction in membership dues. Consult your local fitness center for details.
  • Well-being Policy (see Policy #14) – promotes health and wellness for all employees through leadership support, peer involvement, resources, education, awareness, environment & activities.
  • Medical Leave for Fitness (See Policy #19) – Employees with sufficient medical leave are able to convert that time for eligible fitness
  • Lunch and Learns – Quarterly lunch and learn seminars offered on different well-being topics.
  • Bike Check-out and Walking Routes – Employees are able to check-out Agency bicycles and find convenient nearby walking routes to increase physical activity.
  • Tobacco-free Grounds (See Policy #21) – Support for employees through clean air on all workplace grounds, including e-cigarettes & vaping.
  • A Healthier You Committee – To create and sustain a healthy culture that supports the personal, physical, and mental well-being of employees and their families. Contact your supervisor if you’re interested in joining this committee.
  • Flu Vaccinations On-site – On-site clinics provide a convenient option for fighting influenza.
  • Sit/Stand Work Stations and Standing Conference Rooms – Available to check-out through Outlook calendar.
  • Snack Stations – Healthy snack options available for purchase. 

Financial Wellbeing

Effectively managing your economic life is part of your financial wellbeing. We help you plan for the future so you can focus on the present.

  • Financial Benefit – Besides health insurance (health and dental coverage), eligible colleagues can contribute to the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) which includes an employer-match and deferred compensation options through a 457(b) retirement savings plan.
  • Insurance Committee – Insurance Broker MMA partners with SWHHS insurance committee to incorporate employee feedback and assist with development of the overall benefits package available to employees. Contact your supervisor if you’re interested in joining this committee.

Community Wellbeing

Community wellbeing is about your sense of engagement within your community. We give you the chance to give back while at work, which gives you time to find balance in another area in your life.

  • Payroll Deduction for Charity – Employees can elect to have dollars directly deducted from their paycheck to contribute to select charities.
  • Volunteer for Community/Emergency Services (See Policy #10) – Volunteer for an approved emergency or community organization for up to six hours per year on work time.
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