Senior Care

Senior Health:
There are many ways to receive services when you have temporary or long term care needs. You may choose services that come to you, whether you live at home, seniors’ residence or in other community settings.

Minnesota Senior Health Option:
th6KNVAEQEThe Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) is a health care program that combines separate health programs and support systems into one health care package. It is for people ages 65 and older who are eligible for Medical Assistance (MA) and enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B or who have MA only. People can choose to join MSHO or stay in their current MA program. MSHO enrollees are assigned a care coordinator who will help them get their heath care and related support services. MSHO is administered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) and nine health maintenance organizations: Blue Plan, First Plan Blue, HealthPartners, Itasca Medical Care, Medica, Metropolitan Health Plan, PrimeWest Health System, South Country Health Alliance and UCare Minnesota.

Patient Care Services:
Personal care assistance (PCA) is a service option that offers a range of assistive and support services provided in the person’s home and community. Services are available for people covered by Medical assistance (MA), Minnesota Care expanded benefit set, Wavier programs, and Alternative care program.

Persons eligible for one of the above programs must meet the following criteria to qualify for PCA services:

• Able to identify their needsth
• Able to direct and evaluate PCA task accomplishment
• Able to provide for their health and safety or have a responsible party that is able to do so
• Have a service plan developed with the county public health nurse that specifies the PCA services needed
• Have a stable medical condition
• Have an approved service agreement for PCA services from the Minnesota Department of Human Services
• Live in their own home residence which is NOT a hospital, nursing facility, intermediate care facility, health facility licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health or foster care setting licensed for more than four residents
• Need PCA services to live in the community