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Public Health Nurse or Registered Nurse –  This position is full time and will be assigned to Adult Health. Under the direction of the Adult Health Nursing Supervisor, provides a variety of public health services including but not limited to; Care Coordination to nursing home residents, MnChoices/PCA assessments, Disease Prevention and Control activities and responds to Public Health Emergencies. Employee in this class usually receives a general outline of the work to be performed and uses independent judgment to develop own sequences and methods within the scope of established policies, practices and procedures of the County and the State of Minnesota. Roles may vary within each staff position based on assignments. Functions individually or as part of the agency team to achieve agency goals.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Certification as a public health nurse (PHN) in Minnesota and current licensure as a registered nurse in Minnesota. Will allow 90 days to receive PHN Certification.


  • Current licensure as a Registered Nurse in Minnesota



Starting Rate of Pay: $26.73/hour (PHN)  $23.38/hour (RN)

Location:  Pipestone or Luverne

How to Apply:

Need to complete an application through Merit System and also SWHHS.

  1. Submit a SWHHS application and email to Jodi Robinson at Jodi.robinson@swmhhs.com.  Applications for SWHHS are available online at; http://swmhhs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/3-Application-for-Classified-Personnel-Positions-Fillable.pdf
  2. Submit an application through Merit System.  Applications for Merit System are available online at; http://agency.governmentjobs.com/mnmeritsystem/default.cfm.
  • Refer to job: Public Health Nurse – SWHHS  or Registered Nurse – SWHHS
  • Deadline to apply: Friday, January 31st at noon

For more information contact Marie Meyers, Supervisor, at 507-637-6082 or Jodi Robinson, HR, at 507-532-1320.

Instructions to apply for openings at SWHHS:

  1. Review position and qualifications
  2. Apply for the position through Merit system at; https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/mnmeritsystem
  3. Submit a SWHHS application and email to Jodi Robinson at Jodi.robinson@swmhhs.com.  Application available here; Application for Classified Personnel Positions Fillable

Internship Opportunities:

Are you looking to complete an internship?  We can provide internships in a variety of program areas including; Social Work, Public Health, Human Resources.

For Internship Opportunities, Click Here


Not sure how, reach out to Jodi Robinson

Jodi.robinson@swmhhs.com or 507-532-1320.

Don’t see a position currently available that you are interested in and would like to be notified when one is?  Get on an active list on the Minnesota Merit System and you will!              

Minnesota Merit System:   

All applicants interested in positions with Southwest Health and Human Services must be registered with the Minnesota Merit System. 

Applications for Merit System are available online at; http://agency.governmentjobs.com/mnmeritsystem.

When a vacancy exists with Southwest Health and Human Services, a request for a list of eligible applicants from the Merit System will be made.  The names of applicants who successfully complete all required examinations are listed as eligible applicants.

For more information contact Jodi Robinson at 507-532-1320.